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Pretty neat.

very good atmospheric and scary game!

Thanks a lot for your response.

Gave it a go...

Thank you for your feedback about the game.I am very glad that you liked it.

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Thank you for this awesome game i'm very enjoyed.
i made this video :

I'm glad you liked it. The full version will be around 01.12.2016.The game will be in English. Thanks for the info on Gamejolt.

I thought it was an amazing demo. I wish I could see more but I was glad to complete it even though I speak no Russian :) I look forward to recording the whole thing when it is done. You should put this on the Gamejolt website too, lots of people love horror games there.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

I'm the developer of this game.

so are you affiliated with the creators or you just upload the demo file?